Travel by rail

Station services and facilities

New passengers services of Ukrzaliznytsia:

customers have an opportunity to order a saloon-waggon to ride with comfort in the chosen direction;
vehicles can be transported in special waggons. By choosing the car-carrying waggon service a passenger can reach the destination together with his/her vehicle, thus preserving the car resource and enjoying the comfortable trip.

Ukrzaliznytsia is up-to-date transport enterprise, that has branched railway lines network, with total length of track over 22 000 km. Railway transportation of Ukraine shares 37.5% of the country`s passenger traffic.
There is 61 pair of Ukrzaliznytsia International passenger trains, 56 of them running bet­ween Ukraine and the CIS countries and 5- between Ukraine and the EU countries.
Concerning your convenience, we are trying not only improve the quality of our service, but also introduce new services for convenient and quick search of tickets.
From now on you have an opportunity not only to search for the necessary train, but also look through available number of free places in any direction. Besides, we simplified the mechanism of buying tickets via Internet.
Have a good trip!

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