Hunting and sports complex «Sokil»

вулиця Мисливська 55, Суськ, Костопільський район, Рівненська область, Україна

GPS: 50.78272587962373,26.135092879962144



+38 (096) 15 15 15 4

+38 096 653 40 72

Hunting and sports complex "Sokil" in Rivne region is a territory for real men`s hobbies and entertainments for the whole family.
The complex has 8 thousand hectares of hunting grounds, shelled ponds and a developed recreational area for the rest.
Our goal - to create a unique corner of the forest paradise for all the lovers of natural resources.
Our duty - to preserve flora and fauna for our descendants.
Hunting, fishing, shooting, paintball, horseback riding, gazebos with barbecues - all this is offered by our complex for a good holiday in a community of like-minded people.
Wonderful views of the Polesia forest, delicious hunting dishes in the cafe "Sokil", comfortable rooms at Tarantas Hotel, playground will be a guarantee of excellent family vacation.
We are sure that everyone will find a business for themselves. We are waiting for you!
Tarantas Hotel
Sokil Barbecue Cafe;
BBQ park with gazebo for rest
Wooden outdoor dance floor
Practical shooting
Horse-Racing Club
Hunting grounds
Aviary with wild animals

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