Rivne Regional Museum

вулиця Драгоманова, 19, Рівне, Рівненська область, Україна

GPS: 50.6154900,26.2486450

Сайт: http://museum.rv.gov.ua

Олександр Степанович Булига - директор

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Historical museum
Rivne Regional Museum will help you to be aware of the native land`s history, tell about it to the others, involve the young generations in learning the Rivne region. Besides interesting expositions, the museum attracts by its monumental columns and the picturesque area around it as well as it is situated just near the Alley of Blacksmith Sculptures and The Swan Lake.

Muzeum Historyczne
Aby poznać historię swojej ziemi, powiedzieć to innym, zainteresować młode pokolenie w poznaniu Równego - wszystko to pomoże nasz muzeum historyczne, które ma swoje monumentalne kolumny i piękny malowniczy teren wokół.

About the museum
The first museum in the town of Rivne was opened in 1906, it relayed the first rural museum in Ukraine which was set up by baron F. Shtaingel in the village of Gorodok (8 kms west of the town). During the First World war the museum was plundered. A great deal of unique exhibits disappeared without leaving a trace. In the twenties of the XXth century the local nature museum was revived. According to the sources similar institutions were only in Warsaw, Lviv and Krakiv. In 1936 the economic museum was opened in Rivne. On the basis of this museum in February 1940 the historical museum of regional studies was set up, but its fortune was luckless as well ( similar to that of the first museum) – during the Second World War all the exhibits were taken off to Germany.
In 1944 the museum resumed its functioning, continued collecting, preserving and displaying materials about the history of Rivnenska oblast and its natural peculiarities. In 1975 the building of the former classic school (1839) was transferred to the possession of the museum. The history of the building has been connected with the names of Mikola Kostomarov, Panteleimon Kulish, Mikhailo Dragomanov, Volodimir Korolenko. Besides the school (it later became a real college) the department of education of the government of Directory with Ivan Ohienko at the head, the school curatorium of Volhyn province, Reichscommissariat of Ukraine with Erik Kokh at the head and regional committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine were accommodated in this building. It is the best monument of architecture in this town. The exposition of the museum was opened in 1978.

Nowadays about 150 000 exhibits are being kept and displayed in the Rivne Museum of Regional Studies. They represent archeological, ethnographical, numismatic, natural collections, documents, awards, private things of the well-known persons of the land. Particularly interesting are the Cossacks’ things, the collection of Volhyn icons, early printed books and the works of the native of Rivnensky locality, the well-known European sculptor Tomash-Oscar Sosnovsky. Every year the museum repository has been replenished with new acquisitions which are the results of the scientific expeditions, work with the old residents, collectors and students of local lore.
Exhibition activities of the Rivne Museum of Regional Studies are widespread and various. The museums’ galleries welcome exhibitions from other museums, private collectоrs, painters, masters of people’s art from different parts of the world. The visitors of the museum are very interested in the exhibitions "Our locality during the Second World war”, "Ukrainian Insurrectional Army”, "Old Rivne” (about history of the town and its residents), "Early Rus’”. Archaeological and ethnographic expositions are attractive with their originality. One cannot help feeling the beauty, unique originality in the galleries which present plants, animals, rivers and lakes, geology, amber.
The exhibits of the museum many times represented the town of Rivne at the exhibitions in Ostrog, Lutsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Kyiv, Krakiv, Zamoste, Vancouver and the hidden treasure from Torgovitsa among the Ukraine’s treasures was displayed in many European countries.

Every year in May the museum arranges traditional folk-ethnographic festival "Museum Etno Fest” which is visited by the masters of people’s art from Rivne region and from neighbouring oblasts. On this day the square in front of the museum building turns into the colourful fair, where the visitors have chance to buy works of the masters of folk arts, take part in different competitions, sing and dance together with the participants of the folk groups.
Every year tens of thousands of visitors from different countries cross the threshold of the museum. Having visited this temple of history, culture and nature guests keep in mind their amazement for a long time. You will make sure of it if you visit the building in DRAGOMANOV Str., # 19, its galleries will not make you indifferent.

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